New life is coming...

Mireia Martínez Ruiz, responsable of marketing, communication and enotourism at Bodegas San Alejandro

Hi everybody!

My name is Mireia Martínez and I’m in charge of the Marketing Department at Bodegas San Alejandro. I was born in Algemesí, a small village in the province of Valencia.

Since I was a child I have being fascinated by communication and marketing. I studied Audiovisual Communication in the Polithecnic University of Valencia, and for different reasons I’m living in Calatayud now. My work in Bodegas San Alejandro is a dream come true for me. And being learning about wine every day it is something that I could never imagine so exciting.

Besides I’m in charge of the Enotourism in the cellar, so if you come to visit us I will be very glad to show you everything that Bodegas San Alejandro’s team has prepared for you!

In this blog I’m going to discover you curiosities, anecdotes, the wine in the art, news about BSA and many other things that I keep in secret now to surprise you!!