Why are the wines dripping?

Grenache strain started crying after the annual life cycle

Good morning!! What a better subject to start this blog than talking about the awakening of the vine and how it starts its yearly cycle. These days we can see how in the wounds and cuts produced after pruning the vines, drops have appeared. These clear and sticky drops are called “cry”.

This “cry” isn't about sadness but quite the opposite it is about happiness. Happiness for leaving the winter behind and for welcoming the spring, what it means that a new life cycle has began.

When the soil hits a temperature of 10ºC, the vine activates its root system and its cellular respiration which directly implies the activation of its water reserves and mineral elements.

It lasts a couple of weeks more or less, it depends on several factors such as pruning time, temperature, humidity, rain, plant's strength, a vine can exude up to 3-5 liters.

This process doesn't damage the vines but they become more sensitive to frost, due to buds have already been hydrated and the cellular division has already started.

If you have the chance or visiting a vineyard this time of the year, you will be able to see this phenomenon, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

See you!!


Belén Díez.