This week we fly to Norway. What do you know about this market?

Stand de Bodegas San Alejandro en Noruega

Allow me to tell you about their curious peculiarities that have turned into their principal difficulties.

The most important is that it is a market that principally operates in regime of monopoly (the Vinmonopolet), that is to say, it is the State the one that realizes the purchases of wine across authorized importers and by means of a half-yearly program of biddings. Of all the offers that they receive with the dictated characteristics they select one that its own tasting panel blindly choose. Good Luuuck ;o)

POn the other hand, it is one of the countries with the most strict legislation for the advertising and tax burden of the alcoholic drinks since the advertising is totally prohibited, direct or indirect and a high tax burden exists depending on the alcoholic degrees of the wine and different rates.

And one last more peculiarity. The type of packing most estimated by the Norwegians is the bag in box (BIB); a format, superior to 2 liter, which the wine contains in a special bag inside a container of carton with a faucet.

More than 50 % of the wine sold in Norway is consumed in BIB because it adapts to their way of life, it can be transported by major safety, and it is kept in perfect conditions up to 6 weeks after opening it without being perceived like of minor quality;big wines are packed like that.

Responsable del Departamento comercial de Bodegas San Alejandro en NoruegaSo, as you see, it is a market of difficult introduction and that can suppose us an investment in machinery but that simultaneously it is stable enough, in growth (76 % in the last 12 years) and that takes clear preference to the wines of the Old World as France, Italy and Spain, so, we must try it ¡!

Bodegas San Alejandro has been more than 15 years selling in the Norwegian monopoly. Nowadays our available products are BaltasarGraciánViñas Viejas, and our bottle and BIB of Marqués de Nombrevilla red.

For that reason we continue travelling with certain regularity to this dear northern country from where we send to all of you our best desires.


Yolanda Díaz.