How Bodegas San Alejandro cleans the barrels?

Cleaning barrels through ultrasound in Bodegas San Alejandro

Bodegas San Alejandro is working a new treatment system for its oaks barrels.

The system involves the application of ultrasound in the inner face of the oak. This cleaning method produces a complete elimination of all the tartaric salts and allows a complete elimination of microorganisms. .

The result is an aging in barrels with the absolute guarantee of cleanliness, fruity and no organoleptic deviations.

As you can sense in our Viñas Viejas we give the preference to the grapes flavors  than the barrels, so that the importance of this new and pioneer ultrasonic system.

Currently this system is used by only seven wineries in Spain, Bodegas San Alejandro being one of them, maintaining our investment in science and maintaining the tradition wine culture of our area.


Juanvi Alcañiz.