Bud break and vegetative development

Sprouting from the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

As I told you in my previous post, the arrival of spring with the increase in temperature and daylight hours, makes plants grow and develop so that they can bear fruit.

During the bud break and vegetative development time, the vines go through several stages, when  buds, branches, leaves and bunches appear and are followed by the long awaited  stage of flowering.

I'll tell you a little about these phases:

  • Bud burst or cotton bud:  This is when  last year´s buds swell and break the outer layers which cover and protect them during the winter.
  • Green Tip: The buds continue to swell and gradually open, some green tips appear, which are the ends of the young shoots.
  • Leaves appearing: The first leaves begin to appear and  form a rosette shape.
  • Open Leaves: When the first 4 or 5 leaves are fully opened.
  • First bunches appear: some small inflorescences appear on the tips of the shoots  which later give way to the bunches.
  • Separate inflorescences: The bunches space and separate themselves along the stem.
  • Flower buds separate: This is when the flower bunches are clearly visible and are fully developed.




Belén Díez.