Bodegas San Alejandro around the world II


Today I introduce you the second chapter of "Bodegas San Alejandro around the world". For those who couldn't read the first, here you have the link: Bodegas San Alejandro around the world I

The pictures I have chosen for today come from the social network Instagram, so if you are an Instagram user you can look for @BSanAlejandro and follow us!!

The first picture belongs to @klaudieta, she enjoyed a lot with our Baltasar Gracián Red in one of her dinners!! And it seems that she liked it very much!! ;-)

Imagen del vino Baltasar Gracián Tinto de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

The second picture belongs to @djinfiernos, he was visiting our winery and he took different pictures of our rooms. Today we show you this one, our Wine Bar, where the wine tastings with groups are made. He says that he would gladly repeat the visit to the winery.

And we would gladly welcome him again!! :-)

Imagen de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

@gypsyallie and her mum likes our wine Evodia so much!! When I asked her for permission to use the picture, she told me that Evodia is her favorite wine, and in the picture she and her mum were celebrating with it their first night of their holidays!! In fact, the picture is titled Vacation is here!!! #northcarolina #evodia #wine

Imagen del vino Evodia en Instagram

The next picture belongs to @leann_schneider, a girl from Ohio that published this picture of our wine Las Rocas, titled #firstbottle we're studying #rosé #lasrocas #finals #wine

It's very exciting for us to see that she gives us a space on her Instagram's gallery!

Imagen del vino Las Rocas Rosado en Instagram

And the last one belongs to @adel_remon. A picture of our Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo, so cold that it is the perfect drink for these hot days, at least in Spain!! ;-)

I perfectly remember Adelqius who came to visit our winery with its partner!

Imagen del vino Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo en Instagram

Remember that you can tag us in any of the social networks we are in... Sharing, enjoying, drinking, making a toast with the wines from Bodegas San Alejandro!

We love seeing that our wines are present in so many places!!!



Mireia Martínez.