Veraison in the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

It's the time when the grapes change their color; commonly said that the cluster is "veraisoning" or "painting".

It is the stage that separates the herbaceous growth period of the translucent period or maturity.

And the vineyards in Bodegas San Alejandro are veraisoning!

This is when the grapes suffer a temporary cessation of growth, a progressive loss of chlorophyll and appearance of diverse pigments characteristic of each variety, taking kernels a softer and elastic consistency.

From veraison, the grapes will suffer an increase in size due to expansion of the cells by the accumulation of mostly water and sugars as well as other substances (acids, phenolic compounds, etc.); to reach the ripening of the bunch.

I await you in the next stage ... the harvest!!



Belén Díez.