The Rheinhessen in Bodegas San Alejandro

Group visitinb Bodegas San Alejandro

Last week, we had the pleasure to receive in Bodegas San Alejandro a group of people coming from Germany.

It was a very special visit since all of them are wine producers in Rheinhessen. They belong to an association that organises a trip around different production areas in Europe every year before harvest. This year they chose Spain for their annual trip and amongst all the wineries in the Calatayud Appellation, Bodegas San Alejandro was the elected one- most of them knew about our wines and wanted to see our cellar.

Map of situation of the Rheinhessen area

They were very interested in the ageing process, they were fascinated with our barrel room and they gave us the chance to discuss the differences between our area and theirs.

Now, it is time for us to go to Germany and visit them! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.