Charging batteries for vintage

Juan Vicente Alcañiz, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro with a refractometer

As explained so many times before, our harvest is one of the latest in Spain and Europe. For example, a "normal" year we start the harvest by mid October and finish at the end of November. This calendar gives us a slow and complete ripening for our grapes, but also it allows the staff to enjoy holidays during August. So this is how we did; we have been enjoying a few days off resting and getting ready for the intense activity ahead.

During these weeks, the tasks at the winery are mainly cleaning and preparing the equipment and the facilities that are going to be used during the harvest. Besides we start to estimate the production for 2014 and to have an idea about how the ripening is going. We are working on the elaboration techniques, selecting and preparing the calendar for every plot harvest.

Also we are preparing different work teams: we have got such a work load these months that our team increases three times during this season.

September is a month of planning.



Juanvi Alcañiz