Bodegas San Alejandro around the world III


Today let’s continue with our series "Bodegas San Alejandro around the world". Today's pictures are from Instagram too. If you don't follow us yet, what are you waiting for? ;-) @BSanAlejandro

The first picture belongs to @pepegaque and it's of our shop. He came one day to buy wine! In our store, you will find the whole range of wines of Bodegas San Alejandro!

Do you like it? We love it!

Tienda de vino de Bodegas San Alejandro

The second picture we are sharing today belongs to  @it_zel, who uploaded it to her Instagram profile with this title: "Let’s pop some bottles and get glammed up #NightWithMyDolls #MakeUp101 #LasRocas #RedWine #MidwestNight"

Imagen de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram, nuestro vino Las Rocas

In the third picture, our BaltasarGraciánGarnacha Old Vines appears. It belongs to @hendaya1924 and she says that this wine is so good!!

Imagen de Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Viñas Viejas de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

Amber @aalmond uploaded this picture of her husband with our wine Las Rocas, the picture is titled "Date night with this handsome man. #husband #datenight #wino #winefreak #wine #lasrocasgarnacha #redwine #uppercrust #greatnight #newlyweds"

Imagen del vino Las Rocas de San Alejandro en Instagram

And the last one belongs to @juanpa108 and our wine Evodia appears on it. As he says, he enjoyed it in Barcelona! "Goodwineevodia #evodia #garnacha #wine #barcelona #igersbcn #goodtime"

Imagen de Evodia, vino de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram


And that's all for today! And as you already know, if you upload any pictures of our wines please tag us on them!! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.