China, placed between 10 major producers of the wine world, is not in its best moment.

Wine in China

The wineproducers of China have been forced to take drastic measurements as the grabbing-up of vineyards, to mitigate future losses due to the great decrease of consumption, with an average fall in sales of 8,5 % and of up to 38,4 % the most important winery of the country, Changyu.

This situation contrasts very much with the one that those producers were experimenting years ago, when production and sales were increasing between a 14-17 %.

But still it contrasts more with the situation of growth that producers from France, Australia and Italy, are experiencing nowadays in the same Chinese market, with values of up to 36%more.

The sales proceeding from European quality wines grow to good pace being the half of the wine consumed in China inside the Premium category.

This has been the reason why Chinese producers are asking to investigate the increasing of European imports and his negative impact in the Chinese industry. And to put in interdiction the subsidies that the European wine industry receives from the EU that according to them leaves in competitive disadvantage the national producers.

In Europe we rely on an experience of years and a capacity of prescription of our wines across recognized and prestige brands that Chinese like it. Let's take moreadvantage of it ¡!


Yolanda Díaz.