Juan Vicente Alcañiz, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro tasting wines

Once harvest have been finished is time for decide and classify the wines. Tanks are still fermenting, as I told you many times we are one of the latest harvest in Europe.

This kind of decisions are in the way to define if the wines are going to aging or keep it young. For this decisions we taste every tank every day because tasting  is the main proof that we have for it.   

In the aim of determining the wines the we need we use blendings, macerations and rakings.

Still we have a lot of work to do, but at this time we can said that 2014 vintage was healthy and bigger than the latest four vintages.

We have less concentration in terms of flavors but 2014 looks much more elegant and longest. If we continue working in this direction we are going to get a very good vintage.



Juanvi Alcañiz.