Medals of Bodegas San Alejandro in the Grenaches of the World International Competition

Bodegas San Alejandro won two gold medals and a silver medal with the three wines submitted to the contest "Garnachas of the World", celebrated in Perpignan yesterday.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines, a wine with a lot of character and varietal expression, aged in barrel for 10 months, won a GOLD MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Crianza, a wine elaborated with carefully selected grapes , and aged in barrel for 12 months, won another GOLD MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Red, the youngest and fruity one of this great family, won a SILVER MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa, the most especial and pampered one due to its meticulous and exquisite elaboration, won the GOLD MEDAL last year, too. This is an award that this wine still keeps maintains because the vintage is still the same one: 2011. The long and careful elaboration period this wine requires does not allow it to be in the market with a new vintage every year.

Bodegas San Alejandro is the maximum awarded winery in Aragon and in Spain, with this three Gold Medals and the Silver Medal at the Grenaches of the World International Competition.

We have to remember that last year we also had excellent results, like the Grand Gold Medal of our wine Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines 2011. This category disappeared this year, being now the Gold Medal the maximum recognition.

As to the contest, you can only submit wines made from Garnacha at least 60% of its blend, whose valuation is carried out by a jury that rates and evaluates wines from all producing areas of Garnacha around the World.

The jury is composed by professional people with a wide experience in the sector, and with tasting capacity. The jury is selected among the best specialists in tasting wines, and who are related to the wine sector because of their jobs in wine production, sales, communication or wine consumption.

There is also a president of the jury, who is in charge of ensuring the anonymity ,of ordering a second bottle if needed for the tasting and who also writes the reviews.

"We are very happy, it is a very important recognition of all our work and effort in the aim of making wines with our favorite variety, the Garnacha. Our wines continue giving us great and special moments as the one we lived yesterday, when we knew the results of the competition. We are proud they carry on being successful both inside and outside the country."



Mireia Martínez.