Bodegas San Alejandro incorporates precision viticulture techniques to improve their wines.

Vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

Along with a traditional viticulture that takes place on their area from celtiberian era, Bodegas San Alejandro has been implemented the Verdtech method for characterizing the spatial and temporal variability of its vineyards. This method uses the most modern sensors on the ground and from satellite to improve agricultural management. 

During the first phase of the project has been implemented a GIS, with all the features that define the plots. This georeferenced database allows us to relate our vineyards with geographical variables such as altitude, orientation, or lithology, on which it sits.

In addition, it will make a territory zoning, based on these variables, to establish a differentiated viticulture units management.

Bodegas San Alejandro joins ancient tradition and modernity in its commitment to improve its wines. 


Juanvi Alcañiz.