Medals for Bodegas San Alejandro in the Concours Mondial of Bruxelles


We have an amazing new:

¡Bodegas San Alejandro has won two Silver Medals in the Concorus Mondial of Bruxelles!

We won these medals with our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines and Baltasar Gracián Crianza.

Silver Medal for Bodegas San Alejandro

The Concours Mondial of Bruxelles is organized for over 20 years and is an international competition recognized by professionals and consumers worldwide. On its website CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES you can find all the information.

We are very happy in Bodegas San Alejandro and we invite you to celebrate it with us as you already know... with a glass of Baltasar! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.