The Calatayud appellation celebrates its 25th anniversary

The Calatayud appellation celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Twenty-five years of a clear growth and establishment of the Calatayud wines in a lot of countries around the world.

The wineries that have formed part of this path from the very outset, if we look back, we realize that we have achieved a lot. And with the work and enthusiasm of everyone we have helped to make the Calatayud name more famous in many corners of the world.

This year is very special, and the DO Calatayud has prepared several acts and events to be able to celebrate together such a particular year.

To start with we have created a logo especially for this occasion, the 25th anniversary logo that will identify everything related to such a year.

Logotipo 25 Anivesario DO Calatayud

Be aware about the information to come these days, we would appreciate your companion and participation in the events we are organizing

Have a nice weekend!



Mireia Martínez.