Bodegas San Alejandro in search of continuous improvement

Once again Bodegas San Alejandro, with the intention of improving and knowing more about the exciting wine world, has sent to one of its winemakers, Rubén Magallanes, to South Africa to cross the most important South African zones of winemaking and viticulture.  Across technical visits to different wineries, our winemaker, has managed to exchange impressions with other local enologists and to taste a lot of wines to understand their winemaking techniques and to study if they are applicable to Bodegas San Alejandro.

Rubén Magallanes en Sudáfrica

Rubén Magallanes en Sudáfrica

South Africa is one of the top countries in the production of white wines and with very interesting rosé and red wines.

Some of the cellars our enologist has visited are Neil Ellis Winery, Hartenberg, Satrk Conde, Eagles 'Net, Buitenverwaching, La Vierge, Creation, Newton Jhonson, Saronsberg, Swartland, Rijk's, Uni Wines, Perdeberg Group, Tokara, Spier and The Sadie Family Wines... One of the cellars elaborates a white wine with 11 different varieties of grapes and another one a rosé wine made of 47 varieties ¡!

Bodega de Sudáfrica

This adventure in South African territory has led us to organize a winemaking exchange with one of the wineries. Since the periods of vintage are not aligned (in South Africa it is harvested in January) this harvest we will have a South African enologist working with us and in january, Rubén will travel to South Africa again to do the same thing, but this time not as mere observer but getting up to the kitchen...

Rinocerontes en Sudáfrica

Surely this adventure will bring many good things to us, don't you think so?



Mireia Martínez.