How is the vineyard in Bodegas San Alejandro?

Due to the heat wave we have all suffered lately in Spain, you may have heard plenty of things about next harvest. So today, I am going to tell you about the state of the vineyards at Bodegas San Alejandro.

2015 has developed very good conditions so as to have a great quality harvest. This has been a very hot summer,- 2° C above the average temperature in the area since 2005-, which, together with a plentiful underground water storage (thanks to the rain at the end of the spring and beginning of the summer) has favored to have a heavy bunch load and a high leaf area index (the  leaves are the most important factor for a great fruit ripening through the photosynthesis). In terms of health, the vineyards are in perfect conditions so 3,500/ 4,000 kilos/ hectare are forecasted to be the average production of a Grenache type plot this year.

And now, after doing the vineyards zoning work, the main task for the Technical team at Bodegas San Alejandro is to visit and study the different groups in which our plots have been gathered and therefore confirm that the phenology and fruit ripening status is similar in every plot of the group. As we told you in the blog a few months ago, new winegrowing techniques have recently been implemented for a better vineyards control.

Furthermore, we constantly talk with our growers in order to determine the specific labors that each vineyard needs depending on its area, variety, vine age, altitude, slope and position. It is also time to choose those plots of Grenache that will give us the most extreme terroir after the winemaking process.



Juanvi Alcañiz