A wine from Bodegas San Alejandro, the fourth best-selling wine in Norway!

BIB Marques de Nombrevilla from Bodegas San Alejandro

Hello to all of you!!

We start the week with great news that we got to know a few days ago. Our wine, Marqués de Nombrevilla is the fourth best-selling Spanish wine in Norway!!

Our importer of this interesting country provided us with this information through a list of sales where our Marqués de Nombrevilla,  that we sell in 0,75 L bottle and BIB, is above other wines from producing areas of Spain, such as Rioja, Valencia, Navarra and Catalonia.

And we could be perfectly in third place, because the only difference between us and the third in the ranking is a pallet of wine!:-)

We have been working in the Norwegian market for a lot of years now, it is one of our most important markets. Sales continue growing each year and we can but share this excellent news!

Let´s start toasting for this great news this week!



Mireia Martínez.