Bodegas San Alejandro and the Institute Masters of Wine

Bodegas San Alejandro and the Institute Masters of Wine

Bodegas San Alejandro has participated in a tasting organized by the Institute of Masters of Wine as sponsor, by the hand of the British chain Waitrose, of this important and reputable institution.

Do you want to know about the Institute of Masters of Wine? Do not miss this blog entry so interesting.

The Institute of Masters of Wine is an institution founded 60 years ago and its title Master of Wine is the most prestigious in the world. Only few people in the world get this title, taking in account its origins we could say that just an average of 6 people a year can pass their exams worldwide.

One of the most difficult tests is a blind tasting of 6 wines, were you have to identify its country, its appellation, variety, vintage, the producer, wine-making techniques of origin used in its elaboration, its brand and its approximately price in the market. All this blindly, yes! and with the possibility of having wines from any corner in the earth. Fortunately hitting only five you can pass the test. This is a relief, isn't it? Haha

In this interesting tasting, helded in a historic and monumental building in London, by the banks of the Thames river, we were participating around 20 companies related to the Institute of Masters of Wine. In our case through the prestigious chain of British supermarkets Waitrose, that in this moment has 322 stores in UK.

Waitrose still keeps the essence of personalized service and a large selection of gourmet products so buying on its stores is a real pleasure. They are very concerned with education on wines, so being chosen as their representatives in this tasting with our wine The Cubist, from all references of wine sold in this prestigious chain, was a luxury.

The Cubist! apart from being totally aligned with the event, has a very special and unique cork: the Selection BIO Nomacorc, the first and only wine stopper with world zero carbon footprint, made from renewable plant-based polymers, 100% recyclable, made with 100% renewable energy... and a unique control over the supply of oxygen to the wine.

So, if you ever go to UK, look for a Waitrose store and enjoy with our wine The Cubist!!

Let's celebrate that our future Masters of Wine and some of the already mastered did it with us this week!



Mireia Martínez.