End of the harvest in Bodegas San Alejandro

Winemakers in Bodegas San Alejandro

It is middle of November, and in Bodegas San Alejandro we are now doing the final harvest works, which are the pressing of the last tanks.

Since the end of September we have had some weeks of really hard work, but this time of the year is a special moment for all of us who work in the wine industry. In every corner of the winery the aromas of fermentation are appreciated, and in these days we attend to the spectacle of the transformation of the juice into wine. This is a magical process that involves thousands of chemical reactions that make of each wine a unique product, and that renders people humble before nature. As wine producers we can just respect these processes and use all the tools we have to elaborate the best possible wine.

It is not easy to make an appreciation of the vintage so early, but what we can highlight of the vintage 2015 is the perfect healthy status of the grapes, that has allowed us to produce wines of incredible concentration and vitality. White and Rose wines show delicious fruity flavors, while Garnacha wines reflect every year better the personality of high altitude vineyards grown in a region with such a long tradition in viticulture.

Now we only have just some tanks still with grapes in the winery, which will be press soon. In the next days we will start to rack the best wines of this vintage to barrels. For this reason, it is very important in this moment the tasting work, in which the winemakers make the classification of the wines in young ones or wines with the capability of aging in barrels. This is also the time for making the first blends of wines with similar profiles.

After harvest it is very common in the winery to feel some melancholy because we are not going to have grapes until next year, but the illusion of enjoying the wines of this vintage soon is the reward.



Technical Team from Bodegas San Alejandro.