Viñas de Miedes Frizzante


Today we want to share with you the release of a new product made by Bodegas San Alejandro, our Viñas de Miedes Frizzante. Our followers on social networks already know a little more about this product, that we officially presented in our blog today.

Viñas de Miedes Frizzante is a light, fresh, sparkling and sweet drink made from muscat and viura grapes of low alcohol graduation, only 5.5% Vol.

Driven by our constant curiosity of improving and achieving new challenges, Bodegas San Alejandro never stops working. This year, one of our projects has been the production of a new reference in order to captivate today and tomorrow’s consumers. Apart from the aim of offering a wider range of products and to provide a drink to be enjoyed by everyone, this product’s freshness and low alcohol graduation will also reach those consumers who are not wine lovers yet. In the end, this is a refreshing drink to enjoy everywhere at any time.

The Frizzantes are fashionable, and they have arrived standing strong. These drinks had a 30% growth in consumption over the past year!

In some countries, this product is called "New Age" because they have been introduced very stroing in some segments of new consumers. The New Age Frizzantes have captivated many people for its flavor, sweetness and freshness.

They haven't removed the wine, the Frizzantes are drinks for habitual consumers and potential consumers of wine, but they are an alternative to beer and soft drinks.

We invite you to taste it, we love it! We hope you do too!

Remember that it is important to serve it very chilled! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.