Medals of Bodegas San Alejandro in the Grenaches of the World International Competition

Bodegas San Alejandro won two gold medals and a silver medal with the three wines submitted to the contest "Garnachas of the World", celebrated in Perpignan yesterday.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines, a wine with a lot of character and varietal expression, aged in barrel for 10 months, won a GOLD MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Crianza, a wine elaborated with carefully selected grapes , and aged in barrel for 12 months, won another GOLD MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Red, the youngest and fruity one of this great family, won a SILVER MEDAL.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa, the most especial and pampered one due to its meticulous and exquisite elaboration, won the GOLD MEDAL last year, too. This is an award that this wine still keeps maintains because the vintage is still the same one: 2011. The long and careful elaboration period this wine requires does not allow it to be in the market with a new vintage every year.

Bodegas San Alejandro is the maximum awarded winery in Aragon and in Spain, with this three Gold Medals and the Silver Medal at the Grenaches of the World International Competition.

We have to remember that last year we also had excellent results, like the Grand Gold Medal of our wine Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines 2011. This category disappeared this year, being now the Gold Medal the maximum recognition.

As to the contest, you can only submit wines made from Garnacha at least 60% of its blend, whose valuation is carried out by a jury that rates and evaluates wines from all producing areas of Garnacha around the World.

The jury is composed by professional people with a wide experience in the sector, and with tasting capacity. The jury is selected among the best specialists in tasting wines, and who are related to the wine sector because of their jobs in wine production, sales, communication or wine consumption.

There is also a president of the jury, who is in charge of ensuring the anonymity ,of ordering a second bottle if needed for the tasting and who also writes the reviews.

"We are very happy, it is a very important recognition of all our work and effort in the aim of making wines with our favorite variety, the Garnacha. Our wines continue giving us great and special moments as the one we lived yesterday, when we knew the results of the competition. We are proud they carry on being successful both inside and outside the country."



Mireia Martínez.

Grenaches du Monde!

Logo of the contest Grenaches du Monde


The contest Grenaches du Monde is going to be celebrated in Perpignan today!!

Do you remember the good results we had last year?

Grand Gold Medal to our Baltasar Gracian Garnacha Old Vines and Gold Medal to our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa!

Results of Bodegas San Alejandro in the contest Grenaches du Monde


We will know the results in a few days!! Fingers crossed! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.

Bodegas San Alejandro at the III Salón Guía Peñín de las Estrellas.

Stand of Bodegas San Alejandro at the III Salón Guía Peñín de las Estrellas

Hi everyone!

Today, we would like to share with you the experience we had last Thursday, November 27th at the III Salón Guía Peñín de las Estrellas.

This is an event organized by the Guía Peñín (the point of reference for the Spanish Wine Industry) where you can find the best value for money wines in the country. That is, those wines that got 4 or 5 stars in the Guía Peñín 2015:

  • 5 stars: wines with 85-89 points whose price is equal or lower than 5 Euros and wines with 90 points or more and a price equal or lower than 10 Euros.
  • 4 stars: wines with 85-89 points whose price is between 5 and 8 euros and wines with 90 points or more and with a price between 10 and 13 Euros.

This is considered to be one of the most interesting wine events in Spain since you can find very good quality wines at affordable prices.  Many of these wines are already known by most of the audience but some others not so this event is a great opportunity to discover real jewels.

This edition took place in a charming frame: The Maritime Museum in Barcelona. Around 60 wineries attended this event and of course, Bodegas San Alejandro was there. Most of the wines of the Baltasar range were awarded with 5 stars as well as Las Rocas range.

Bodegas San Alejandro en el III Salón Guía Peñín de las Estrellas

The number of visitors was successful and we were glad to let people know what we do and what we are.

Dear friends, if you ever had the chance, please do not hesitate to pop in!



Virginia Pérez.


Juan Vicente Alcañiz, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro tasting wines

Once harvest have been finished is time for decide and classify the wines. Tanks are still fermenting, as I told you many times we are one of the latest harvest in Europe.

This kind of decisions are in the way to define if the wines are going to aging or keep it young. For this decisions we taste every tank every day because tasting  is the main proof that we have for it.   

In the aim of determining the wines the we need we use blendings, macerations and rakings.

Still we have a lot of work to do, but at this time we can said that 2014 vintage was healthy and bigger than the latest four vintages.

We have less concentration in terms of flavors but 2014 looks much more elegant and longest. If we continue working in this direction we are going to get a very good vintage.



Juanvi Alcañiz.

China, placed between 10 major producers of the wine world, is not in its best moment.

Wine in China

The wineproducers of China have been forced to take drastic measurements as the grabbing-up of vineyards, to mitigate future losses due to the great decrease of consumption, with an average fall in sales of 8,5 % and of up to 38,4 % the most important winery of the country, Changyu.

This situation contrasts very much with the one that those producers were experimenting years ago, when production and sales were increasing between a 14-17 %.

But still it contrasts more with the situation of growth that producers from France, Australia and Italy, are experiencing nowadays in the same Chinese market, with values of up to 36%more.

The sales proceeding from European quality wines grow to good pace being the half of the wine consumed in China inside the Premium category.

This has been the reason why Chinese producers are asking to investigate the increasing of European imports and his negative impact in the Chinese industry. And to put in interdiction the subsidies that the European wine industry receives from the EU that according to them leaves in competitive disadvantage the national producers.

In Europe we rely on an experience of years and a capacity of prescription of our wines across recognized and prestige brands that Chinese like it. Let's take moreadvantage of it ¡!


Yolanda Díaz.

Sicilia and Serón Spa... Water and curative minerals

Sicilia and Serón Spa in Calatayud

If there is anything that characterizes the area where we live is the wide variety of attractions it has. Fortunately, we have plenty of good excuses to get lost amongst the paths and valleys in this region. You can alsofind art, culture, food, folklore…etc. Today, I propose you one of the most interesting ones: the Sicilia and Serón Spa (1860).

These two spas are located in an incomparable natural framework of the Mesa river Canyon, in Jaraba. This wonderful setting makes from water and curative minerals its Philosopher Stone.

This place is not only especial for its thermal water but also for its modern facilities full of history. The combination of these unique features will make of your stay here an unforgettable experience. What else do we need to complement this activity? Their restaurant offers an excellent cuisine that combines the traditional food with the most modern ideas. And of course, do not forget to order one of our Baltasar Gracián wines -, that’s the icing on the cake!

For further information, visit:


We’ll see you there!

Virginia Pérez.

Silver Medal for Baltasar Gracian Red!

Diploma of the medal to Baltasar Gracián Red from Bodegas San Alejandro in the contest Mundus Vini


We have an amazig new, one of those that we love sharing with all of you. Our Baltasar Gracián Red has won de Silver Medal in the International Wine Award, Mundus Vini!!!

Mundus Vini is a very important event with wines of all the wine-growing regions in the world. This year has been entered more than 6000 wines from all producing areas of the world. The jury is composed by a wide range of experts: winemakers, sommeliers, commercials, wine analysts, specialized journalists, etc. from different countries.

So we can be very happy with our Baltasar Gracian Red and its Silver Medal!!

You have a great excuse to drink a toast with a glass of Baltasar Gracián!! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.

Bodegas San Alejandro around the world III


Today let’s continue with our series "Bodegas San Alejandro around the world". Today's pictures are from Instagram too. If you don't follow us yet, what are you waiting for? ;-) @BSanAlejandro

The first picture belongs to @pepegaque and it's of our shop. He came one day to buy wine! In our store, you will find the whole range of wines of Bodegas San Alejandro!

Do you like it? We love it!

Tienda de vino de Bodegas San Alejandro

The second picture we are sharing today belongs to  @it_zel, who uploaded it to her Instagram profile with this title: "Let’s pop some bottles and get glammed up #NightWithMyDolls #MakeUp101 #LasRocas #RedWine #MidwestNight"

Imagen de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram, nuestro vino Las Rocas

In the third picture, our BaltasarGraciánGarnacha Old Vines appears. It belongs to @hendaya1924 and she says that this wine is so good!!

Imagen de Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Viñas Viejas de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

Amber @aalmond uploaded this picture of her husband with our wine Las Rocas, the picture is titled "Date night with this handsome man. #husband #datenight #wino #winefreak #wine #lasrocasgarnacha #redwine #uppercrust #greatnight #newlyweds"

Imagen del vino Las Rocas de San Alejandro en Instagram

And the last one belongs to @juanpa108 and our wine Evodia appears on it. As he says, he enjoyed it in Barcelona! "Goodwineevodia #evodia #garnacha #wine #barcelona #igersbcn #goodtime"

Imagen de Evodia, vino de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram


And that's all for today! And as you already know, if you upload any pictures of our wines please tag us on them!! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.

Charging batteries for vintage

Juan Vicente Alcañiz, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro with a refractometer

As explained so many times before, our harvest is one of the latest in Spain and Europe. For example, a "normal" year we start the harvest by mid October and finish at the end of November. This calendar gives us a slow and complete ripening for our grapes, but also it allows the staff to enjoy holidays during August. So this is how we did; we have been enjoying a few days off resting and getting ready for the intense activity ahead.

During these weeks, the tasks at the winery are mainly cleaning and preparing the equipment and the facilities that are going to be used during the harvest. Besides we start to estimate the production for 2014 and to have an idea about how the ripening is going. We are working on the elaboration techniques, selecting and preparing the calendar for every plot harvest.

Also we are preparing different work teams: we have got such a work load these months that our team increases three times during this season.

September is a month of planning.



Juanvi Alcañiz