The Rheinhessen in Bodegas San Alejandro

Group visitinb Bodegas San Alejandro

Last week, we had the pleasure to receive in Bodegas San Alejandro a group of people coming from Germany.

It was a very special visit since all of them are wine producers in Rheinhessen. They belong to an association that organises a trip around different production areas in Europe every year before harvest. This year they chose Spain for their annual trip and amongst all the wineries in the Calatayud Appellation, Bodegas San Alejandro was the elected one- most of them knew about our wines and wanted to see our cellar.

Map of situation of the Rheinhessen area

They were very interested in the ageing process, they were fascinated with our barrel room and they gave us the chance to discuss the differences between our area and theirs.

Now, it is time for us to go to Germany and visit them! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.


Veraison in the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

It's the time when the grapes change their color; commonly said that the cluster is "veraisoning" or "painting".

It is the stage that separates the herbaceous growth period of the translucent period or maturity.

And the vineyards in Bodegas San Alejandro are veraisoning!

This is when the grapes suffer a temporary cessation of growth, a progressive loss of chlorophyll and appearance of diverse pigments characteristic of each variety, taking kernels a softer and elastic consistency.

From veraison, the grapes will suffer an increase in size due to expansion of the cells by the accumulation of mostly water and sugars as well as other substances (acids, phenolic compounds, etc.); to reach the ripening of the bunch.

I await you in the next stage ... the harvest!!



Belén Díez.

Restaurante Casa Escartin in Calatayud

Restaurant Casa Escartín in Calatayud

As you already know, we love visiting the most charming places in our area. That is why today you are all invited to pop in Restaurante Casa Escartín, in Calatayud.

Restaurante Casa Escartín, of Aragonese styl,e is located in a place whose decoration has been carefully selected. By mixing rustic and warm trends, it is the best option to enjoy the delicatessen of our regional cuisine.

The Aragonese gastronomy is strongly influenced by our neighbors on the Northern and Eastern lands by the Mediterranean Sea. This is the reason why it is well assorted and full of top-quality products.

At Casa Escartín, the season products become particularly relevant and change every time of the year so whenever you go, you will be surprised. For example, you can enjoy the Aragonese Menu for only 20€ (VAT + coffee incl.), a wide range of dishes from 25€ to 50€ per person and more than 100 wines. Amongst these one hundred references, you will find the crown jewel: our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines.

Exquisite care: these two words perfectly define the food served at this Restaurant in Calatayud. A place of reference in our region where tradition and raw materials match for the customers delight. These details together with a good service will make of your visit an unforgettable experience. Hard to resist… Fancy coming over?


Virginia Pérez.

On holidays with Bodegas San Alejandro

Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo of Bodegas San Alejandro in the beach


As we tell you so many times, we love that you share with us your moments enjoying with one of our wines.


Whichever... Baltasar Gracián, Viñas de Miedes, Las Rocas or Evodia! And if you are going to travel abroad, you have so many posibilities to find it, we export to more than 25 countries! ;-)

We will like that you send us a picture of your holidays, with one of our wines.



Mireia Martínez.

Flowering and berry set in the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

Flowering and berry set in the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

This is the most important time in the whole vineyard cycle, and this is certainly when all the cards come into play.

When temperatures in late spring and early summer exceed 15 or 16 degrees, floral caps are released to show their stamens and pistil, waiting to be fertilized and the resulting set.

These stages are very influenced by external climatic factors. The ideal conditions for this process is more effective with an average temperature of 21ºC, dry weather and light wind; instead of unfavorable temperatures (below 15ºC and rain).

Unfavorable causes can mean fertilization does not happen or an irregular set is produced, giving what is called cluster falling.



Belén Díez.

Bodegas San Alejandro and Wine in Moderation

Logo Wine in Moderation

In Bodegas San Alejandro we are absolutely committed with the European project Wine in Moderation. We belong to it and its image is already part of our labels, catalogs, our website, etc.

Despite being members of this project for a few years now, we had not talked about it yet.

As we can read on its website, The “Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (hereinafter WIM) aisbl” is a non-profit association founded in 2011 by the European wine sector to coordinate the European and international implementation and development of the WIM Programme, with the aim of setting responsible and moderate wine consumption patterns as social and cultural obligations by spreading the WIM message not only in Europe but also overseas.

This program promotes a responsible wine drinking, something that we totally agree with in Bodegas San Alejandro. Now you may be wondering, what's drinking responsibly? According to scientific evidences and information provided by different public health authorities, the movement concludes that responsible consumption entails:

  • Up to 2 drink units a day for women.
  • Up to 3 drink units a day for men.
  • No more than 4 drink units on any one occasion.
  • Alcohol should be avoided in certain situations such as pregnancy, when taking certain medication or operating machinery.

The most important thing is not to abuse alcohol and consume it moderately.

It has been shown that wine provides many health benefits. Wine health benefits are widely well-known but its consumption needs to be moderated. Otherwise, wine could become a risk for us.

For Bodegas San Alejandro it is clear … Do you fancy a glass of wine? Of course, but with moderation.



Mireia Martínez.

July: A month of transition in Bodegas San Alejandro

Bottling plant in Bodegas San Alejandro

During the summer the main tasks that we perform in the cellar are blends, racking and filtration in order to leave the lasts wines defined before the summer break.
It is time to assess the facilities, working new ideas for the wines that will come earlier, running the arrangements in good time. Do not forget that sometimes vintage is upon us very quickly.
But our main worry at this time is in the control and observation of the vineyard, starting estimates for the vintage and doing with care all the tasks that are necessary to obtain the best grapes possible.


Juanvi Alcañiz.

It is a giant that will make people talk...

Bottle of Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa

This project had been in our minds for a long time. We were looking for a wine that followed a different path from the others. With a hand-made wine-making process behind, a lot of time and dedication invested and of course, with all our love and hope.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa is the result of a very delicate and studied work, a wine that pleases a lot, a limited edition that represents the best of our terroir, our hundred-years Grenaches and our highest vineyards.

And when you get the congratulations for a well done job, when people tell you how much they love your wine... This excitement is multiplied by a thousand!

And this is how we felt when the post of Oscar Soneira was released on its blog. He wrote about our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa and said things like "We are in front a great wine, it is its first vintage and we must feel lucky, it is a giant that will make people talk, Grenache with great expression and personality." "A huge and a great wine, seductive and silky with great varietal expression. A different Grenache which is nearly a century old..."

Here you have the post: BALTASAR GRACIÁN GARNACHA NATIVA 2011.

We want to thank him for giving us a space on his blog and dedicating so many nice words to this wine.

And you? Have you already tasted our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa?



Mireia Martínez.

Bodegas San Alejandro around the world II


Today I introduce you the second chapter of "Bodegas San Alejandro around the world". For those who couldn't read the first, here you have the link: Bodegas San Alejandro around the world I

The pictures I have chosen for today come from the social network Instagram, so if you are an Instagram user you can look for @BSanAlejandro and follow us!!

The first picture belongs to @klaudieta, she enjoyed a lot with our Baltasar Gracián Red in one of her dinners!! And it seems that she liked it very much!! ;-)

Imagen del vino Baltasar Gracián Tinto de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

The second picture belongs to @djinfiernos, he was visiting our winery and he took different pictures of our rooms. Today we show you this one, our Wine Bar, where the wine tastings with groups are made. He says that he would gladly repeat the visit to the winery.

And we would gladly welcome him again!! :-)

Imagen de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

@gypsyallie and her mum likes our wine Evodia so much!! When I asked her for permission to use the picture, she told me that Evodia is her favorite wine, and in the picture she and her mum were celebrating with it their first night of their holidays!! In fact, the picture is titled Vacation is here!!! #northcarolina #evodia #wine

Imagen del vino Evodia en Instagram

The next picture belongs to @leann_schneider, a girl from Ohio that published this picture of our wine Las Rocas, titled #firstbottle we're studying #rosé #lasrocas #finals #wine

It's very exciting for us to see that she gives us a space on her Instagram's gallery!

Imagen del vino Las Rocas Rosado en Instagram

And the last one belongs to @adel_remon. A picture of our Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo, so cold that it is the perfect drink for these hot days, at least in Spain!! ;-)

I perfectly remember Adelqius who came to visit our winery with its partner!

Imagen del vino Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo en Instagram

Remember that you can tag us in any of the social networks we are in... Sharing, enjoying, drinking, making a toast with the wines from Bodegas San Alejandro!

We love seeing that our wines are present in so many places!!!



Mireia Martínez.

2 medals for Baltasar Gracián Crianza in Japan!!

Diploma of the medals to Baltasar Gracian Crianza from Bodegas San Alejandro in Japan

Let’s start the day with amazing news from our Japanese friends!!

Our Baltasar Gracián Crianza has won two medals in the contest Drink the best wine in Japan 2014!

The contest is organized by the famous Japanese hotel group Fujita Kanko. The jury is composed by wine professionals from all over the world. There is also a reserved category for wine lovers who also scored and awarded the wines.

Baltasar Gracian Crianza has won the Silver Medal in the professional category and Platinum Medal in the wine lovers category!

The award ceremony is taking place today in Japan. So far, our friends have sent us the diploma!

This is a great excuse to drink a toast with a glass of wine, from Bodegas San Alejandro, of course! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.