A Rosé with Character

Article on the web Wine Review Online that talks about Las Rocas de San Alejandro


A couple of months ago, I told you that many media and web sites are talking about our wines abroad. As an example, here you have the link to this blog post: Las Rocas Garnacha meets the taste test!


Today I recover an article written by Mary Ewing-Mulligan last June 3rd, 2014 for the Wine Review Online website. The article begins with a very interesting statement: Surprises are fun. The author tells us that she attended a blind tasting of rosé wines and expected to taste "more of the same." But suddenly, a rosé from Spain emerged as the wine of the night. She says that it comes from an area of Spain that she did not know about before. Also, she adds- "It is an expressive and a very well made wine. It’s got character". Here you have the link to the article: A Rosé with Character.

Mary Ewing-Mulligan was talking about our wine Las Rocas Rosé! A wine that surprised her and that she will never forget, for sure! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.  

Bud break and vegetative development

Sprouting from the vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro

As I told you in my previous post, the arrival of spring with the increase in temperature and daylight hours, makes plants grow and develop so that they can bear fruit.

During the bud break and vegetative development time, the vines go through several stages, when  buds, branches, leaves and bunches appear and are followed by the long awaited  stage of flowering.

I'll tell you a little about these phases:

  • Bud burst or cotton bud:  This is when  last year´s buds swell and break the outer layers which cover and protect them during the winter.
  • Green Tip: The buds continue to swell and gradually open, some green tips appear, which are the ends of the young shoots.
  • Leaves appearing: The first leaves begin to appear and  form a rosette shape.
  • Open Leaves: When the first 4 or 5 leaves are fully opened.
  • First bunches appear: some small inflorescences appear on the tips of the shoots  which later give way to the bunches.
  • Separate inflorescences: The bunches space and separate themselves along the stem.
  • Flower buds separate: This is when the flower bunches are clearly visible and are fully developed.




Belén Díez.

Bodegas San Alejandro around the world!!


Today we have a post that makes us really happy! As you already know, Bodegas San Alejandro exports 95% of its production and that is why most of the times, we are more known abroad than in our country.

I spend many hours sitting in front of my computer and I usually bump into pictures about our wines and our winery in several social networks, particularly in Instagram. By the way, if you have an account on this social network you can find us! We are called @BSanAlejandro! ;-)

I'm going to collect some pictures ... Most of them are very nice ones: some talk about how much they liked our wines, others just show it...

The first picture is from @bea_1kas and she says that is going to drink it with the dinner  "Cenita de viernes con @sandromainar ternera a la piedra #churrasquero #ternera #salsa #vinoblanco #baltasargracian #blancodehielo #regalo #food #viernesnoche #cena"

Imagen del vino Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

The second picture is from @virginiaamds and says that is the best wine in the world "#el #mejor #vino #miedes #san #jorge #party #hard #friends #instalike #instalove"

Imagen del vino Viñas de Miedes Tinto de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

The third picture is from @63tama and says"#晩酌 ボジョレーじゃなく 赤ワイン #evodia" which is to say something like that is never too late to drink! ;-)

Imagen del vino Evodia de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

Another picture of Evodia that I love is this from @ela_photography, that says "Date night with the BFF #finally #bfftime #sushi #girlsnight #flower #wine #evodia #yumm #nopueswow"

Imagen del vino Evodia de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram

And finally today we show you this picture from @janielo11 who saw an episode of The Walking Dead while he was drinking a glass of Las Rocas, because the picture is titled "#garnacha #lasrocas #vino #wine #fire #cozy #tgif #drinkon watching #walkingdead with #mysoulmate #cuddling #whataworkweak #hatedrama #lifeisgood"

Imagen del vino Las Rocas de Bodegas San Alejandro en Instagram


You are all invited to tag the pictures of our wines that you upload! We will be more than happy! You know how much we love # BSAaroundtheWorld!



Mireia Martínez.

How Bodegas San Alejandro cleans the barrels?

Cleaning barrels through ultrasound in Bodegas San Alejandro

Bodegas San Alejandro is working a new treatment system for its oaks barrels.

The system involves the application of ultrasound in the inner face of the oak. This cleaning method produces a complete elimination of all the tartaric salts and allows a complete elimination of microorganisms. .

The result is an aging in barrels with the absolute guarantee of cleanliness, fruity and no organoleptic deviations.

As you can sense in our Viñas Viejas we give the preference to the grapes flavors  than the barrels, so that the importance of this new and pioneer ultrasonic system.

Currently this system is used by only seven wineries in Spain, Bodegas San Alejandro being one of them, maintaining our investment in science and maintaining the tradition wine culture of our area.


Juanvi Alcañiz.

Rubén Magallanes, a true lover of the Calatayud area

Rubén Magallanes, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro


I'm Rubén Magallanes, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro for over 17 years.

I was born in Ponferrada (León) and since I was small, winemaking awoke big interest in me, so I decided to make these studies in the School of Enology and Viticulture in Requena (Valencia)

My spirit of continuous improvement led me to work in different wineries nationals and internationals in countries like Chile, France and Argentina. Also in BSA I have had the opportunity to work closely with Chilean, Australian, French, South Africans and New Zealanders winemakers, allowing me to learn new production techniques and other ways to understand enology.

I define myself as a true lover of the Calatayud area because of its undisputed potential and privileged nature for growing grapes.

In all these years, we have seen how we have been growing through hard work and your trust.

In this space I will be in charge of comment threads of enology and tasting, making online courses... it will be very entertaining and close for knowing about wine don't be longer something snob and become something for everyone. Because wine brings people and makes more pleasant the best evenings. I hope getting it!

I remain at your entire disposal and I hope that we can gather soon to talk about wine.

Warm greetings,


Rubén Magallanes.


To sell wine in Asian countries?

Stand of Bodegas San Alejandro in Vinexpo Asia-Pacific

There are different reasons that make our introduction in Asian countries slightly more complicated than in other countries of the world and that make question ourselves if we should sell to this market. I would emphasize the great cultural difference that separates us, the risk of our product and brand being copied and genetic questions.

The cultural aspect is something that only with time and many investment on the market will be excelling itself because their wine-growing knowledge is still very poorand the confidence of an Asian to be gained it will take us time.

With regard to the risk of being copied we must be very cautious in records and legal issues because in view of the economic volume that represents the wine-growing sector the falsifications are there. Not only clothes, watch and purses of famous brands are copiedbut also bottles of wine with its recognized labels. China, which is one of the big importers of wine, admits that 7 of every 10 “imported” bottles sold in restaurants of their big cities are false.

And thirdly, though we do not consider the wine to be an alcoholic beverage but as part of our Mediterranean diet, it is certain that it is normally elaborated with alcoholic degrees of between 12 and 15 degrees. And it is curious to read in different statistics that in Asian countries like Korea, Japan and China exist less alcoholics than in the European countries or that even in America and not because they do not like the alcohol but for a genetic disorder that more than 50 % of the Asian population have, a defective enzima (the ALDH-II) that does their organisms intolerant to the alcohol presenting symptoms of strong pains of stomach and head, spontaneous raise of the temperature etc … that is why they are more opposed to the consumption of wine.

And in spite of these things, how to resign to the Asian market with more than 4300 million inhabitants?

China is a key country in the export of Spanish wine in spite of lacking wine-growing tradition because the wine has begun to represent a symbol of social status there and it is where Spain already exports more than 74 mm of liters a year and wait its exports increase up to in 87 % in 2015.

Hong Kong has turned into the country of entry to the continental China and the rest of Asian countries since it is the only place of the world where the wine does not have taxes. Zone where the Spanish exports have grown 120%.

Bodegas San Alejandro has invested in this market during years where we already have consolidated sales in continuous growth.

Stand of Bodegas San Alejandro in Vinexpo Asia-Pacific

That is why we are attending to the international fair Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2014 Hong Kong that takes place in Hong Kong this week.

Asia, so different, so rich and as exciting as interesting for the wine sector.

To sell in Asian countries? Definitively YES!!


Yolanda Díaz.

This week we fly to Norway. What do you know about this market?

Stand de Bodegas San Alejandro en Noruega

Allow me to tell you about their curious peculiarities that have turned into their principal difficulties.

The most important is that it is a market that principally operates in regime of monopoly (the Vinmonopolet), that is to say, it is the State the one that realizes the purchases of wine across authorized importers and by means of a half-yearly program of biddings. Of all the offers that they receive with the dictated characteristics they select one that its own tasting panel blindly choose. Good Luuuck ;o)

POn the other hand, it is one of the countries with the most strict legislation for the advertising and tax burden of the alcoholic drinks since the advertising is totally prohibited, direct or indirect and a high tax burden exists depending on the alcoholic degrees of the wine and different rates.

And one last more peculiarity. The type of packing most estimated by the Norwegians is the bag in box (BIB); a format, superior to 2 liter, which the wine contains in a special bag inside a container of carton with a faucet.

More than 50 % of the wine sold in Norway is consumed in BIB because it adapts to their way of life, it can be transported by major safety, and it is kept in perfect conditions up to 6 weeks after opening it without being perceived like of minor quality;big wines are packed like that.

Responsable del Departamento comercial de Bodegas San Alejandro en NoruegaSo, as you see, it is a market of difficult introduction and that can suppose us an investment in machinery but that simultaneously it is stable enough, in growth (76 % in the last 12 years) and that takes clear preference to the wines of the Old World as France, Italy and Spain, so, we must try it ¡!

Bodegas San Alejandro has been more than 15 years selling in the Norwegian monopoly. Nowadays our available products are BaltasarGraciánViñas Viejas, and our bottle and BIB of Marqués de Nombrevilla red.

For that reason we continue travelling with certain regularity to this dear northern country from where we send to all of you our best desires.


Yolanda Díaz.

Virginia in Bodegas San Alejandro!

Hi everyone!!

I am Virginia Perez, the person in charge of the commercial department at Bodegas San Alejandro

I was born in Ateca, a village very near to Calatayud, I graduated in Translation and Interpretation of english and french in the University of Valladolid. And I obtained the official title of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Translator and Sworn Interpreter.

The foreign languages have been always one of my big passions though my professional experience abroad derived in the reorientation of my studies towards the commercial sector. That is why I decided to complete my career education with a Master in International Business and Commercial Laws in Liverpool.

I have lived in Brussels, Dublin and Liverpool during long periods to complete my knowledge and to be employed at different companies.

And after a few years abroad I decided to come back to my country in search of a new project where put into practice my know how in the promotion and expansion of a company in the area.

To work at Bodegas San Alejandro fills me of great illusion and passion not only for the personal challenge but for the pride of being an ambassador of our wines there where I go and for being able to form part of a young great team experienced and dynamic.

In this space, I will be recommending establishments worth visiting, special places in which to enjoy our wines and corners where to travel in search of new experiences. And certainly, I will dedicate time to speak about special promotions for you to know them first hand.

I hope that you enjoy and share with all of us your concerns.

A warm hug,


Virginia Pérez.

Silver Medal for Bodegas San Alejandro!

Bodegas San Alejandro wins Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles with its wine Baltasar Gracian Garnacha Nativa

A few days ago the results of the Concours Mondial of Bruxelles were released..

The Contest has celebrated its 20th anniversary, it started in 1994 and today is an international referent. There have been more than 8000 wines from around the world and the tasting panel, coming from 40 different nationalities, was only composed by wine professionals.

And... Our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Nativa has won the Silver Medal!!

During these 20 years, it has been held in different cities like Lisbon, Maastricht, Bordeaux, Valencia, Palermo, Luxembourg, Guimarães and Bratislava, and this year took place in Brussels again, the city that gives its name. Despite it is an itinerant contest it keeps its original name "Brussels", the capital of Europe.

We are very happy in Bodegas San Alejandro and we invite you to celebrate it with us as you already know... with a glass of Baltasar! ;-)


Mireia Martínez.

Knowing the area... Hotel Balneario Paracuellos de Jiloca!

Thermal Treatment of Hotel Balnario Paracuellos de Jiloca, close to Bodegas San Alejandro

As you know, I'm not aragonian, I was born in Valencia, and I love so much my city. But when you are in the area of Calatayud, suddenly you can see that it has a lot of potential and cultural, gastronomic, natural wealth.

And one of the things that struck me was that in a few kilometers there are six thermal spas, all beautiful and with a wide range of treatments .

Today I will speak of Hotel Balneario Paracuellos de Jiloca, within 2 kilometers of Calatayud and very close to Bodegas San Alejandro.

It is a thermal spa with lots of history, about 166 years, the oldest of Aragon, built in 1848! One of its main features is the sulfurous water, with mineral properties in therapies for skin and respiratory conditions. We also can find different circuits and thermal treatments to choose on depending the needs and tastes of each one.

The thermal spa also has hotel and combine both is a delight. They often have deals that include Bodegas San Alejandro tour, so pay attention because it is a good option if you are thinking of coming to the area and spend a few days!

I can assure you you will not regret ! ;-) The thermal spa is beautiful and the staff is fantastic!

I leave you a video that made the Hotel Balneario Jiloca Paracuellos last year, where also appears Bodegas San Alejandro!


Mireia Martínez.