Who drinks our wine?

Bodegas San Alejandro exports more than 95% of its wine production

Good morning to all of you!

I have already spoken to you about a trade fair this month, Alimentaria, so I have thought that we shouldalready get usinto the exports world with some general information to begin.

Because, in addition, we have reasons to celebrate it!!:o)

As some of you already know, at Bodegas San Alejandro we export more than 95 % of our production, and the D.O. Calatayud to which we belong to, almost 90 %, so, in this subject we might say that we have an A.

And if we speak about general figures we must know that the sales of the Aragonese wines abroad have increased in 16,62 % this last year 2013. Whereas the increase in the domestic market has been 5,25 %only. That is to say, the Aragonese wines are increasingly defendants on the external markets. Being our better clients in order of importance: United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada and China.

The exports of Aragon represent 4,27 % of the total of Spain. And better still, the average price of the Aragonese exported wine has increased in 11,23 %, 40 % over the national average, as consequence of exporting less in bulk and more in D.O.

So the consumption of the Aragonese wines isin fashion more than ever beyond our borders. Are you sure you want to miss them?? ;o)


Yolanda Díaz.

Bodegas San Alejandro travels to Russia!

List of participating wineries at the Room Selection Peñín Guide, among which is Bodegas San Alejandro

At these days Bodegas San Alejandro is in Russia, in the Selection Peñin Guide Room in Moscow. The event was yesterday, 23th of April, in the Karnsy Obtyabr Space of the Russian capital, where it were presented  the best wines from Spain according to Peñín Guide 2014.

They were different criteria to select the wineries for show their wines yesterday, they are wines that have been scored 90 or more points in the Guide and have obtained from 3 to 5 stars.

They have participated just 24 wineries in this exlusive Show, and only Bodegas San Alejandro from de four appellations located in Aragon.

Bodegas San Alejandro con sus vinos, en el Salón Selección Guía Peñín Moscú

The event have been aimed to wine professionals and media, and there were importers, distributors, sommeliers, stores, supermarkets, etc.

We also attended to a José Peñín (in the picture with Natalia, our commercial) press conference for the russian media, where he presented the guide and he was talking about who important is in the wine world.

Natalia González, comercial de Bodegas San Alejandro con José Peñín

We have leveraged to make commercial visitas in other parts of the country, where we sell our wines.

In Russia, according to the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow, they don't have enough wine production to attend the demand, and they imported 60% of wine consumed.

Spain is nowadays the third country which supply them bottled wine, but the russian interest in the Spanish wine has increased in recent years and these figures may change.

For now, they already know the wines of Bodegas San Alejandro, and they love them!


Mireia Martínez.

April: time for coupages and the first leaves

Barrel of Bodegas San Alejandro

Spring in winery still make us to think in harvest and vilifications 2013 that arrives late, healthy and ripe which has resulted in a few delays malolactic fermentations that still make us to be attentive to these reactions.

With whites and roses already bottled now is time of the latest youngs red blends 2013 and firsts bottlings. We are focus right now in the reaction of these bottlings because are going to help us to define a vintage which we have high expectations.

And also is the time to racking barrels and blend next Old Vines 2012, which will have it ready in September and in which we put all our attention, passion and knowledge to reach Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines 2011 and his grand gold medal in Grenaches du Monde.

We can’t forget the vineyard , mostly already emerged, the risk of the last cold temperatures may affect a vintage that begins in the right time in cycle and less rains than expected.  Conditions seems 2011, a vintage that we are enjoying right now in splendor.


Juanvi Alcañiz.

Why are the wines dripping?

Grenache strain started crying after the annual life cycle

Good morning!! What a better subject to start this blog than talking about the awakening of the vine and how it starts its yearly cycle. These days we can see how in the wounds and cuts produced after pruning the vines, drops have appeared. These clear and sticky drops are called “cry”.

This “cry” isn't about sadness but quite the opposite it is about happiness. Happiness for leaving the winter behind and for welcoming the spring, what it means that a new life cycle has began.

When the soil hits a temperature of 10ºC, the vine activates its root system and its cellular respiration which directly implies the activation of its water reserves and mineral elements.

It lasts a couple of weeks more or less, it depends on several factors such as pruning time, temperature, humidity, rain, plant's strength, a vine can exude up to 3-5 liters.

This process doesn't damage the vines but they become more sensitive to frost, due to buds have already been hydrated and the cellular division has already started.

If you have the chance or visiting a vineyard this time of the year, you will be able to see this phenomenon, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

See you!!


Belén Díez.

Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines, FAVOURITE WINE IN BODEBOCA!!!

The community of Bodeboca selected our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines as their favourite number 1 of this April!

BODEBOCA is the first online private sales club of great wines, and the Best Wine Online Shop according to Peñin Guide 2014!

We started working with this website a few weeks ago, and we are already Nº favorite wine of April!!  This website released every week five private sales and every month they choose the bottles that have more acceptance among the users. And this month they have chosen our wine!

We have it clear, we are going to celebrate it with a glass of Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines! Would you like to join us? ;-)


Mireia Martínez.

Belén, the expert of the vineyard!

Belen Diez, the agricultural technician in Bodegas San Alejandro working  in the vineyard

Hi!! I'm Ana Belén Díez Martínez, head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technical Advisor of Plant Health of Bodegas San Alejandro.

I was born in Calatayud and studied Agricultural Engineering at La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza). I completed my studies with a postgraduate degree in Plant Protection later on.I have always been dedicated to the food industry especially in laboratories of wineries and vineyards control.

I joined the great team of Bodegas San Alejandro 5 years ago, and it seems like only yesterday because here no two days are alike, the constant evolution always brings new things that continue encouraging us.

My contribution to this blog will be to speak about Viticulture: tillage, pruning types, types of grape varieties, growth stages, soil types, etc., so that, you may be fully aware about our flagship product "The Wine" from its origin “The Field”


Belén Díez.

3 medals for Bodegas San Alejandro wines!

Hi!! We finish the week with a gorgeous new, Bodegas San Alejandro has won 3 medals in the 5th Challenge to the Best Spanish Wines for Asia!

The contest was celebrated in the Causeway Bay Hotel in Hong King, and is the only event in Asia that gives to the professionals the oportunity of tasting during two days the wines from Spain.

In the contest has been more than 50 professionals who have tasted the wines in a blind taste, led by Nelson Chow, the President for the Sommeliers Association in Hong Kong and China.

And they must love the wines from Bodegas San Alejandro, because this week they reported us that we had won:



Diploma certifying that Bodegas San Alejandro has won a Silver Medal with Baltasar Gracián 2013






We have more than enough reasons to celebrate it this weekend with a glass of wine, from Bodegas San Alejandro, of course! ;-)

Do you join us?


Mireia Martínez

Who is Juanvi Alcañiz?

Juan Vicente Alcañiz, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro with a glass of Baltasar Gracian, a grenache wine.

Hi!! My name is Juanvi, winemaker in Bodegas San Alejandro, I use this place for introduce myself. I was born in Valencia place where I studied agricultural engineer, it was in that time when I started to be focus in viticulture and enology mainly for my relation with Salvador Garcia Carbonell and Richard Smart, both an soil and vineyards scientists. Together we developed a clone selection for several grape varieties.

Once finished my degree, I worked at several wineries in Valencia, time I combined with my studies of Enology. Already completed this studies I took my backpack and I moved Ribera de Duero, Chile, Valencia and New Zealand working during harvest time and completing this learning period all passionate winemaker has to enjoy.

From this moment I continued personal and global projects, learning about different areas and my curiosity started to grown by Garnacha, which I consider a nobility, beauty and elegance, taking unique growing conditions of Bodegas San Alejandro farmers .

Through this blog we want to introduce different aspects of winemaking we do at the winery, as well as explain some little secrets that help us day to day work.

In this exciting job with deep rhythms and cycles we hope to express you how much it means to us the good work, professionalism and perseverance.


Juanvi Alcañiz

Bodegas San Alejandro is in Alimentaria

Bodegas San Alejandro in Alimentaria 2014, one of the most important wine fairs.

Good morning!! Today I have to speak to you about the most important fair of the food-processing sector in Spain, Alimentaria in Barcelona, which opened its doors yesterday with the inauguration of the Princes of Spain and which will remain opened until the included Thursday.

Bodegas San Alejandro has attended to the mentioned event for more than 20 years because we believe that it is a good place where to do new commercial relations, to see innovations of the sector and to meet clients, importers and already existing or potential distributors of great part of the world. A very well communicated, accessible place if you go as exhibitor under the umbrella of your D.O. or Government and with great convening power.

It takes place every two years and this year occupies almost 95.000 square meters divided in 14 specialized lounges with 3.800 participating companies of the food processing industry and the drinks. Being INTERVIN the lounge where the wines and spirits are the protagonists. The congress also includes a tasting space VINORIUM where you can try wines that have been selected by its quality and prestige for such an occasion as our BALTASAR GRACIÁN GARNACHA OLD VINES, the winner of the Grand Gold medal in the Contest of The Best Garnachas of the World.

There will come 140.000 professionals of which 30% will be foreign, that for sure will help to the record number of exports to continue growing.

If you want to visit the fair by yourself the entry has a cost of …. And you will have the opportunity to surround yourself with thousands of flavors, smells … and you will be able to taste our wines at Hall 3 Level 0, F-150. Probably we will see each other because I will be there for a couple of days.

Ah!! Do not make many plans to eat because only tasting everything what is to your scope you will not need it ;o)

Good trip!!


Yolanda Díaz.

Bodegas San Alejandro in La música del vi

Bodegas San Alejandro in "La música del vi", organized by Vila Viniteca.

Good afternoon!! Today is taking place a very interesting event, La música del vi, organized by Vila Viniteca.

La música del vi is an international show, where we can find professionals from Spain and abroad, where the wineries collaborating with Vila Viniteca have the opportunity to present their latest vintages to sommeliers, distributors, journalists, and a long list of professionals of the wine world.

Vila Viniteca is one of the most important distributors from Spain. They represent more than 200 wineries, and Bodegas San Alejandro is one of them!

So, today we are in Barcelona attending to the mentioned event once again to show our wines!!

This time you can't visit us because it's an exclusive event for professional clients, but tomorrow we'll tell you where you can also find us this week! ;-)