Bodegas San Alejandro: before and after!

Today, we want to share with you these two pictures that show the changes ocurred in Bodegas San Alejandro in the last years. As you can see, we have invested heavily in our facilities! The first picture is of November 2008 and the second was taken in August 2012, amazing how it has changed in only 4 years!!



And the changes are not only outside! If we could do the same with the transformation that Bodegas San Alejandro has experienced in processing technology, the change would be even more noticeable. We have invested in the best grape reception equipment, destemming machines, the best pressing and pumping over systems, the latest filter systems, the best quality barrels ... We want to treat the grape in the most delicate way possible, by vibration, without bumps, with the utmost respect for the natural virtues of our vineyards.  Important to note about the vineyards that we are using an innovative georeferencing system that has allowed us to get the perfect zoning according to the main features of each plot. In the end, we are able to have the best selection of grapes already in the vineyards.

Bodegas San Alejandro: always striving for continuous improvement!



Mireia Martínez.

Visitors in Bodegas San Alejandro

Last week, one of our customers in Belgium visited Bodegas San Alejandro with all his family. They were on holidays in the Pyrenees and decided to come to the winery to visit our facilities and environment.

Photocall Bodegas San Alejandro

We spent a funny and interesting morning with them tasting wines straight from the barrel and of course our "Baltasares".

Wine Bar en Bodegas San Alejandro

They were so delighted that they have sent us an email today saying it was the best experience of their holidays, together with a picture of the two respective general managers of the companies, demonstrating our already extensive business relationship. It is curious they still have it! :-)

Baltasar Gracian 2006

Thanks family, we will repeat the experience whenever you want!


Virginia Pérez.

Bodegas San Alejandro and the Institute Masters of Wine

Bodegas San Alejandro and the Institute Masters of Wine

Bodegas San Alejandro has participated in a tasting organized by the Institute of Masters of Wine as sponsor, by the hand of the British chain Waitrose, of this important and reputable institution.

Do you want to know about the Institute of Masters of Wine? Do not miss this blog entry so interesting.

The Institute of Masters of Wine is an institution founded 60 years ago and its title Master of Wine is the most prestigious in the world. Only few people in the world get this title, taking in account its origins we could say that just an average of 6 people a year can pass their exams worldwide.

One of the most difficult tests is a blind tasting of 6 wines, were you have to identify its country, its appellation, variety, vintage, the producer, wine-making techniques of origin used in its elaboration, its brand and its approximately price in the market. All this blindly, yes! and with the possibility of having wines from any corner in the earth. Fortunately hitting only five you can pass the test. This is a relief, isn't it? Haha

In this interesting tasting, helded in a historic and monumental building in London, by the banks of the Thames river, we were participating around 20 companies related to the Institute of Masters of Wine. In our case through the prestigious chain of British supermarkets Waitrose, that in this moment has 322 stores in UK.

Waitrose still keeps the essence of personalized service and a large selection of gourmet products so buying on its stores is a real pleasure. They are very concerned with education on wines, so being chosen as their representatives in this tasting with our wine The Cubist, from all references of wine sold in this prestigious chain, was a luxury.

The Cubist! apart from being totally aligned with the event, has a very special and unique cork: the Selection BIO Nomacorc, the first and only wine stopper with world zero carbon footprint, made from renewable plant-based polymers, 100% recyclable, made with 100% renewable energy... and a unique control over the supply of oxygen to the wine.

So, if you ever go to UK, look for a Waitrose store and enjoy with our wine The Cubist!!

Let's celebrate that our future Masters of Wine and some of the already mastered did it with us this week!



Mireia Martínez.

A wine from Bodegas San Alejandro, the fourth best-selling wine in Norway!

BIB Marques de Nombrevilla from Bodegas San Alejandro

Hello to all of you!!

We start the week with great news that we got to know a few days ago. Our wine, Marqués de Nombrevilla is the fourth best-selling Spanish wine in Norway!!

Our importer of this interesting country provided us with this information through a list of sales where our Marqués de Nombrevilla,  that we sell in 0,75 L bottle and BIB, is above other wines from producing areas of Spain, such as Rioja, Valencia, Navarra and Catalonia.

And we could be perfectly in third place, because the only difference between us and the third in the ranking is a pallet of wine!:-)

We have been working in the Norwegian market for a lot of years now, it is one of our most important markets. Sales continue growing each year and we can but share this excellent news!

Let´s start toasting for this great news this week!



Mireia Martínez.

The Spanish Wine Society from Canada in Bodegas San Alejandro

The Spanish Wine Society from Canada visited us last Sunday, specifically 26 people from Ontario. The president, Barry Brown, in charge of the organization of this visit, has spent more than 30 years organizing trips throughout the Spanish geography, with the intention of raising the awareness of the spanish wine. That is why Barry Brown received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Civil Merit in 2014, from King Juan Carlos I.

In this occasion, they chose Bodegas San Alejandro as destiny, for being the reference winery in the Calatayud Appellation. Many of those who visited us knew already several of our wines, and they had the opportunity to taste the rest of our range.

As some of you already know, the Canadian market works under a monopoly regime and you can only introduce your wines by public tenders, and keep them just in case they reach its sales targets. Some of the Bodegas San Alejandro wines are present in this market years ago.

This group fall in love of Bodegas San Alejandro and its wines. They enjoyed the experience so much that they are going to send us another group next Friday, September 11th!

We will be ready to receive the Spanish Wine Society from Canada again with arms open wide! ;-)


Un abrazo,

Mireia Martínez.

What is happening in San Alejandro’s vineyards?

Vineyards of Garnacha from Bodegas San Alejandro

We are at the beginning of September and, despite being a year in which the cycle of the vine is advanced (mainly due to high temperatures of July), we are still a few weeks away to start harvesting.

In the last two weeks we have witnessed the veraison of the bunch, stage of growth characterized by the change of the grape color: in white varieties from green to yellow, while in red varieties from green to violet. In addition, the juice loses acidity and gets rich in sugar, and little by little seeds acquire brown tones.

The main work in the vineyard now is the ripeness control, the evaluation of vine´s health status and the estimation of the production.

The ripeness control is performed by both, laboratory analysis of sugar and acid content of the grape (which gives us an idea of ​​physiological ripeness) and by tasting grapes (which informs us of the phenolic ripeness, the maturity of the grape skins, where are situated important components that will affect the quality of wine).

With regard to the health status, the only problem of this year was the hailstorms at the beginning of the summer that hit some plots, which have lost some of the production. This is one of the risks of being in a mountainous area with such a severe climate, but that is offset by the high quality grape that allows us to produce.

With these parameters, along with the estimated production of each plot, we are working in the classification of the grapes quality from each vineyard, so we will be able to make a personalized winemaking attached to its specific terroir, and therefore to get the best expression of the plot.

The climatic conditions (moderate temperatures) and the location of the vineyard (high altitude) turn Calatayud into one of the latest harvesting Appellation of Origin in Spain, allowing us to benefit from a calmed ripening.

It is in these weeks up to the harvest in which the viticultor observes with joy how the work throughout the year led to clusters of high concentration and vitality, while in the winery we look forward to the beginning of a new harvest.


Technical Team from Bodegas San Alejandro.

Enjoy BSA wines in Disney World!

Bodegas San Alejandro in Disney World


We have agreements with Disney World since many years ago, in fact, we shared with you a picture where you could see our wine Las Rocas on the menu, some years ago.

Las Rocas de San Alejandro en Disney World

Las Rocas and Evodia can be found habitually in these theme parks, one of the major visit attraction worldwide visited by millions of people every year.

At this moment, you can find our wine Evodia on Disney´s website, among wines of all over the world.

Evodia en Disney World

This is the link - Disney Menu

So,if you go to Disney World, drink Bodegas San Alejandro! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.

How is the vineyard in Bodegas San Alejandro?

Due to the heat wave we have all suffered lately in Spain, you may have heard plenty of things about next harvest. So today, I am going to tell you about the state of the vineyards at Bodegas San Alejandro.

2015 has developed very good conditions so as to have a great quality harvest. This has been a very hot summer,- 2° C above the average temperature in the area since 2005-, which, together with a plentiful underground water storage (thanks to the rain at the end of the spring and beginning of the summer) has favored to have a heavy bunch load and a high leaf area index (the  leaves are the most important factor for a great fruit ripening through the photosynthesis). In terms of health, the vineyards are in perfect conditions so 3,500/ 4,000 kilos/ hectare are forecasted to be the average production of a Grenache type plot this year.

And now, after doing the vineyards zoning work, the main task for the Technical team at Bodegas San Alejandro is to visit and study the different groups in which our plots have been gathered and therefore confirm that the phenology and fruit ripening status is similar in every plot of the group. As we told you in the blog a few months ago, new winegrowing techniques have recently been implemented for a better vineyards control.

Furthermore, we constantly talk with our growers in order to determine the specific labors that each vineyard needs depending on its area, variety, vine age, altitude, slope and position. It is also time to choose those plots of Grenache that will give us the most extreme terroir after the winemaking process.



Juanvi Alcañiz

Bodegas San Alejandro around the world VI


Let's go with our series of  "Bodegas San Alejandro around the world", we already are in the chapter 6!

The first picture belongs to @pazgl65 and she's enjoying with our Baltasar Gracian Blanco de Hielo. We love this picture!

The second picture belongs to @momora27, a Japanese girl that uploaded a picture of our wine Evodia with this text Evodia Old Vine 2010 今夜のワイン#evodia #garnacha #spain #wine #vin #vino #redwine #winelover #lovewine #instawine #wineglass #riedel #ワイン #赤ワイン#神の雫 #晩酌 #宅飲み #적포도주 #건배 #cheers

In the third picture our Baltasar Gracian Garnacha Old Vines appears, it belnogs to @quimipersonal it seems that he has enjoyed with our wine!!

And the last one belongs to @jordantaylor961 It's a picture of our wine LAs Rocas, he uploads it saying: Tonight's pour is 2009 Las Roca Garnacha from Spain! Deep ruby in color with aromas of raspberry, pepper and liquorice! On the palate is a silky and we'll aged wine with deep blackberry and cassis and spice with good acidity and structure! Cheers! #wine #winedaily #instawine #redwine #pour #pouroftheday #vino #winelover #grapefriend #california #sonoma #napa #spain #lasrocas #garnacha #instapic #picoftheday #photooftheday #follow #followme #tagsforlikes #instadaily #instawow #instagood #instadrink #thirsty #drinks #relaxing #amazing #weekend

And that's all for today! And as you already know, if you upload pictures of our wines, please tag us on it!! ;-)



Mireia Martínez.