Human Capital

Teresa Ventura: Asistente de laboratorio Yolanda Díaz: Directora Gerente Juanvi Alcañiz: Enólogo Tere Aldana: Personal de embotelladora Almudena Ibañez: Departamento de administración Carmen Carballo: Jefa de administración Rubén Magallanes: Jefe de enología Ana Ruiz: Personal de embotelladora Mireia Martínez: Marketing, Comunicación y Enoturismo Alfonso Hernández: Jefe de producción Juli Navarro: Personal de embotelladora Dámaso Catalán: Personal de bodega Elena Aldana: Personal de embotelladora Alejandro Leciñena: Personal de bodega José Gil: Personal de bodega Silvia Hernández: Departamento de compras y logística Belén Díez: Técnico Agrícola
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The team of Bodegas San Alejandro, its Human Capital, its the most appreciated commodity.

Bodegas San Alejandro is a combination of knowledge, abilities, skills and talents possessed by each person that forms its team, which is responsible for its growth and its success, for the quality, the training, the productivity and involvement in all the productive processes carried out within the winery.

Bodegas San Alejandro is comprised of various departments, all of them in constant communication, working in unison under the same business philosophy, sharing their passion for wine.

A group of young professionals, dynamic, prepared, dedicated and with passion for the world of wine.

Our technical team

Juanvi Alcañiz

Technical Agricultural Engineer and Licentiate in Enology.

Juanvi, born in Valencia, has b...

Jorge Temprado

Degree in Oenology and Chemistry.

Jorge's family comes from the area of ​​Calatayud and al...

Jean-Marc Lafage

Jean-Marc LAFAGE, born in Perpignan (France) in a family of traditional winegrow...

Ana Belén Díez Martínez

Born in Calatayud, she studied Technical Agricultural Engineering and obtained a Post-graduate de...

Agricultural Engineering

At Bodegas San Alejandro the work in the field is of vital importance so that the grapes go from the vine to the winery with the maximum quality and at their optimum moment.

The work of our wine growers is hard and long, from the planting of the vine, its pruning, tying vine shoots, disease prevention, protection against freezes, thinning of the fruit, selection of the same….this is why we have our own engineering which gives support to all our wine growers.

Our technical department controls all the work in the field, reviews all the field books of the producers, thus ensuring that all the tasks are done and that what is used does not leave residue in the future wine, that the necessary dosage is applied and that the appropriate safety periods are followed.

Before the grape harvest, this department carries out an extensive selection of plots in order to always pick the grapes at their optimum ripening point and categorized according to quality. There are various different categories which are determined by the alcohol content, pH, Acidity, Sanitary condition, colour, polyphenols, etc.

The reception of these grapes is the first step in the elaboration of a high-quality wine. Once received, our responsibility and commitment is to ensure that the best of the grapes is present throughout the life of the wine.

There are many steps necessary for good vinification and each one of them counts.


Bodegas San Alejandro has a team of three persons who are the technical advisors responsible for directing the process of elaboration of the wine. They are the experts who supervise in the winery the elaboration, analysis, storage, conservation and bottling of the wine.

The fermentations take place at controlled temperature, with long macerations and frequently pumping over to extract all the colour, aromas and flavours.

Our aged wines in barrel age in a specific type of oak and toasted and remain during the time that our enologists consider necessary for its aging process.

All the singularities of our terroir, joined to the high-level winemaking of Bodegas San Alejandro based on minimal intervention, ensure concentrations and qualities in our wines that are very difficult to obtain.

Daily wine-tasting and control determine all these parameters so meticulously supervised by our technical team, which is comprised of three winemakers who complement each other perfectly.