To culture

At Bodegas San Alejandro we consider wine to be part of our cultural heritage; this is why we are committed to its dissemination by supporting cultural initiatives aimed at deepening knowledge of the techniques of cultivation, elaboration and tasting, thus making the wine culture living, open and participative culture.

With Baltasar Gracián, our ambassador par excellence we carry out different cultural activities such as the dissemination of his work through reading workshops, exhibitions by itinerant artists, concerts, etc.

Bodegas San Alejandro is also closely linked to the gastronomic culture of the zone. We promote the consumption of local, district or even territorial products; we participate in initiatives such as "Pon Aragón en tu Mesa" fomenting the agrofood products of Aragon through educational and promotional actions, using them in our own cuisine for your enjoyment in our restaurant or in our cooking workshops.

Bodegas San Alejandro is another active instrument of communication and cultural education.