To health and quality of life

At Bodegas San Alejandro we actively promote the dissemination of the benefits of the responsible and moderate consumption of wine along with its healthful qualities as an additional element of our nutrition.

We form a part of movements such as Wine in Moderation, an initiative of the European vitiviniculture sector whose aim is to promote moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine and contribute to the prevention of excessive or improper consumption of alcoholic beverages in Europe.

Or such as Slow Food, which is an ecogastronomy association to counter fast food and fast life, prevent the disappearance of local gastronomic traditions and combat the lack of interest in nutrition, developing food education programmes.

Through our social networks, our website, our blog and all the channels that are at our disposal, we carry out the task of dissemination of these initiatives which we consider to be essential.

Because wine is HEALTH; it provides vitamins, minerals and oligoelements, it contains iron and aids in its absorption, facilitates digestion, possesses anti-oxidation properties, and it is good for the heart…because wine is LIFE.