Our claim puts into words the different nature of our human team and our natural environment.

These factors, the human and the natural ones, extraordinarily blend with each other in Bodegas San Alejandro and form the basis of who we are and what makes us different.

On the one hand, our team is passionate, tenacious, very talented and full of dreams but in a different way. On the other hand, the natural environment of Bodegas San Alejandro is an absolute privilege for the vine growing which is also different from other production areas due to several factors: extreme temperatures, rocky and arid soils, the old vines that fight to survive in vineyards located in lands of steep slopes, the good air circulation… And also, its altitude which goes from 700 to 1,100 meters being one of the highest vineyards in Spain.

The marketing campaign “Bodegas San Alejandro, Different by Nature” is based in pictures of different characters because of their physical appearance or their talent and ítems that aren’t what they seem, they are different.

Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly alone across the Atlantic ocean who also set women’s speed records, is the image that accompanies our wine Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Viñas Viejas “El Héroe”. A heroe for a heroine.

Nikola Tesla, an authentic man ahead of his time. Reknown as one of the biggest electrical engineers in the USA and inventor of the alternating current electricity supply system amongst other things. A misunderstood man in his time to whom we wanted to pay tribute with one of our best wines: Baltasar Gracián Reserva.

David Bowie, great composer and chamaleon musician. An innovative man because of his jobs, his voice and the talent of his works. A peculiar person not only because of his extraordinary skills but also his blue eye and his ambiguous appearance. Bowie accompanies our wine Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo.

Bodegas San Alejandro, different by nature.

Passion and human talent. Place of exceptional nature.