Our claim wants to represent the different nature of our human team and our natural environment.

Our team is passionate, tenacious, talented and enthusiastic. We are very proud of it and we wanted to show it in our new campaign.

On the other hand, we also represent the natural environment of Bodegas San Alejandro that we love so much and of which we have talked about so many times. This is a privileged land for the vines cultivation and so different compared to other production areas that makes us different: extreme temperatures and the high contrast of them between day and night, arid and rocky soils, old vines struggling to survive in vineyards on steep slopes and also its altitude, which is between 700 and 1100 meters being one of the highest vineyards in Spain.

These factors, the human and the natural ones, are conjugated in Bodegas San Alejandro and are the basis of what we are and what makes us different.

The campaign “Bodegas San Alejandro, Different by Nature” is based on two main groups of items:  images of several people with different physical appearance or talents and objects that are not what they look like, they are simply different. But the campaign also shows three celebrities, meticulously chosen, as the main representation of some of our wines.

Amelia Earhart, the first woman crossing the Atlantic Ocean by herself breaking also speed records. Besides, she was the first person flying across the Pacific Ocean. Undoubtedly, a Different by Nature Woman that we feel identified with because of her personality and tenacity. Amelia is the one accompanying our Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Viñas Viejas “El Héroe”. “A Hero for a Heroine”.

In second place we chose Nikola Tesla, a real genius advanced for its time. Recognized as one of the best electrical engineers in the United States. Inventor of the alternating current among many other inventions in electromagnetism. Tesla also contributed to the development of robotics, radar, nuclear physics … A genius without any doubt. A Different by Nature person, misunderstood in his time whose achievements were not duly recognized. For these reasons, we wanted to pay tribute to him with one of our best wines, Baltasar Gracián Reserva.

And finally, the great David Bowie, chameleonic musician and composer. Considered a genius, innovative for his songs, his voice and the intelligence of his works. A person with a very peculiar and different talent. These genuine features made us think of him and also his recognized blue eye and ambiguous appearance, which also differentiated him physically. Bowie accompanies the campaign of our wine Baltasar Gracián Blanco de Hielo that suits him perfectly.

Bodegas San Alejandro, Different by Nature. Passion and natural human talent. Place of exceptional nature.