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#39 - Laboratory: looking for tiny beings.

Teresa show us how she looks for tiny little beings.

#38 - Labels

Discover the exciting world of wine labels and some of its curiosities.

#37 - Canopy management

In this episode we will talk about the canopy management: the green pruning, the shoot trimming and the lateral removal.


#36 - Bottles

Today Merche tells us a lot of curiosities about the wine bottles, their appearance, uses, names, capacities...

#35 - Saint Alejandro

Find out who San Alejandro was and what this day means for us.

#34 - Rackings

Discover what a racking is and how it is done.

#33 - 10 Q's with Mireia Martínez

Interview with our cheerful CMO.

#32 - Pruning

For those of you who have never seen how a vineyard is pruned, this is your video!

#31 - 10Q's with Alejandro, Juan Carlos & Rubén

Meet our fun cellar staff.

#30 - Tasting raw wines

Winemakers tell us what it is a raw wine tasting.

#29– 10 Q’S with Dámaso Catalán

Interview with the king of the forklift, Dámaso.

#28 - Elaboration of white wines

Berta Monge tells us about the elaboration of white wines.