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BSATV is our channel, through which we want to get closer to you in a more personal way. An opened window to our everyday life so that you can get to know our workplaces and learn more about our wines and vineyards, about our history, about all of us … We hope you will be an active part of BSA TV by sending us your questions and suggestions.

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#48 - BG Blanco de Hielo

Juanvi tells us about its elaborarion, tasting and pairing.

#47 - 60th Anniversary

Yolanda tells us about the past, present and future of the BSA.

#46 - Organic vineyard

Data and curiosities about the state of our organic vineyards.

#45 - 10 Q's with Beatriz

Meet our colleague Beatriz, she is in love with our area!

#44 - 10 Q's with Diego

10 questions with Diego! Don't miss one of our youngest signings.

#43 - The bottling process

We show you the bottling process, one of our favourites.

#42 - Thank you

THANK YOU! You are the best traveling companions! Happy 2022

#41 - 2021 harvest

With the 2021 harvest already finished, Jorge tells us how we have lived it in BSA and what has been the biggest challenge for winemakers this year.

#40 - Grape selection

Juanvi tells us about the quality of the grapes and their selection during the harvest.

#39 - Laboratory: looking for tiny beings.

Teresa show us how she looks for tiny little beings.

#38 - Labels

Discover the exciting world of wine labels and some of its curiosities.

#37 - Canopy management

In this episode we will talk about the canopy management: the green pruning, the shoot trimming and the lateral removal.