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BSATV is our channel, through which we want to get closer to you in a more personal way. An opened window to our everyday life so that you can get to know our workplaces and learn more about our wines and vineyards, about our history, about all of us … We hope you will be an active part of BSA TV by sending us your questions and suggestions.

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#27 - Thank you

For making us feel so close.

#26 - Christmas Tips 2: Serving the wines

We share with you some tips on how to serve wines at Christmas meals.

#25 - Christmas Tips: Pairing the wines

Virginia gives us some tips to pair our wines this Christmas.

#24 - 2020 Balance: COVID and other challenges

Yolanda Díaz shares the balance of what we have lived in our sector this year.

#23 - Elaboration of rosé wines

Jorge Temprado explains to us the elaboration and curiosities about rosé wines.

#22 - In organic mode with Jorge Marcén

Jorge tells us about our organic vineyards and their differences with conventional wines and vineyards.

#21 - Elaboration of red wines. Part 2. With Juanvi Alcañiz

Jorge introduced us to the world of the red wines elaboration (Ep. #19). Today Juanvi explains us how the process continues!

#20 - 10 Q's with Elena, Juli, Tere & Ana

10 questions with one of our bottling teams, who also show us one live.

#19 - Elaboration of red wines - Part 1. With Jorge Temprado

Jorge tells us about the first steps in the elaboration of red wines.

#18 - Harvesting with Elizabeth Sánchez

Eli, BSA winegrower, tells us about the grape harvest in the vineyard and what it means to her.

#17 - The arrival of the grape with Juanvi Alcañiz

Juanvi tells us what we do with the grapes upon their arrival to BSA.

#16 - Preparing the harvest with Belén Díez

We launch our SPECIAL HARVEST videos! We want that you can experience it from the inside! In this video Belén tells you how we organize the harvest.