Bodegas San Alejandro: We will be stronger and more united than ever.

Dear Friends,

As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are facing a worldwide situation without precedent.

Nobody thought that this health crisis would hit the world so hard forcing us to confine ourselves to our homes and having such a serious impact in the world economy.

We have in our thoughts all our winegrowers, employees, customers, suppliers, carriers,… as well as their families, hoping they are not directly affected.

We would like to maintain the optimism, the state of normality in our mind, even though the news gives us a very different reality.

Again, Bodegas San Alejandro will continue being flexible, we will adapt to the new unpredictable circumstances staying positive with the hope that this nightmare is over soon.

Thank you to all those who help us to move forward in these circumstances, thank you for your support, effort and sacrifice.

Take good care of yourselves and please stay safe.

Today we toast with you all the coming of brighter days.

Because everyday is one day less.

Bodegas San Alejandro, Different by Nature