Our wine Marqués de Nombrevilla has made history.

Two years ago, we found out that our Marqués de Nombrevilla had become the best-selling wine in the world in Norway and continues being so.

Since BSA started selling its wines in this market, we have been gradually climbing positions up to becoming Nº1 exceeding the sales of not only reknown Spanish wines but also other international wines.

This market has many special features because alcohol is only sold through the monopoly system (called Vinmonopolet). This system does not allow any advertisement of alcoholic drinks so being the #1 is even more difficult.

Despite all these restrictions, Norway is a very interesting and attractive country due to its high purchasing power and large surface area.

Marques de Nombrevilla is one of the eldest brands in Bodegas San Alejandro. It is a wine made from high altitude Garnacha grapes that is also succeeding in other the Scandinavian countries. You can also find it at several airport shops and in the ferry lines of the North Sea.

The fact of our wine being the best-selling wine in Norway is an honour for everybody who is part of Bodegas San Alejandro.

We will keep working hard in order to continue being on the top of the podium!