The prestigious magazine The Wine Advocate has recently published an article about wines from Aragon where Luís Gutiérrez has scored and talked about our wines.

We are very happy with the great results and comments cause all the wines tasted received extraordinary scores; 97 Parker points one of them.

All this make us think that, Bodegas San Alejandro and its incredible vineyards that we have managed to maintain and turned into a unique heritage, are getting little by little the place they deserve positioning BSA as one of the most important Garnacha producers worldwide.

According to Luís Gutiérrez:

“Bodegas San Alejandro has to be one of the most progressive wineries in Spain. They handle over 1,000 hectares, they are quality minded and have a very capable technical team. They built a new cellar in 2017 and a new underground one in 2021. They started their conversion to organic farming in 2019 and are releasing their first organic wines in 2023. They work together with some leading people—like Fernando Mora, who produces his Cuevas de Arom with them, and US importer Eric Solomon from European Cellars, who also develops some own brands within the winery. The wines I tasted showed much better than in previous years, fresher and with more integrated oak. Some of the wines got me really excited. San Alejandro, has long had a quality mindset that is often absent in cooperatives. They have a huge patrimony of old vines and very good terroirs. I also visited Aragón again to check on the progress of the leading quality projects there like Cuevas de Arom sprouting from the dynamic B. San Alejandro and B. Frontonio – Fernando Mora MW.”


  • Cuevas de Arom Tuca Negra: 97
  • Cuevas de Arom Os Cantals: 94
  • Cuevas de Arom As Ladieras: 94
  • Cuevas de Arom Altas Parcelas: 92
  • Clos Baltasar: 92
  • Baltasar Gracián Viñas Viejas: 92
  • Querencia Deseya ecológio: 92
  • Las Rocas: 92
  • Evodia: 91+
  • Evodia Pizarras Antiguas: 91

The path is not easy at all but we will continue exploring it in order to improve everyday and continue thrilling everybody with our wines.