After several years converting our vineyards into organic farming, Bodegas San Alejandro has become the winery with the largest extension of organic vineyards in Aragon.

With more than 375 hectares of the total vineyard certified as organic vineyard, the winery is convinced of the benefits of this way of cultivation that is gaining more and more followers in all corners of the world.

Organic farming is a commitment closely related to the concern for the future of the planet. This practice improves the life of our soil, it’s respectful with the environment, it increases the biodiversity in the area and promotes a healthier diet.

It’s a social and sustainability commitment, and Bodegas San Alejandro has made a strong compromise to this model, with more than a third of its entire vineyard converted to this type of cultivation and adding more hectares each year.

Our future plans for the future included to regenerate the life of our soils, which allows us to have a more balanced system between the plant and the soil in order to maintain our unique wine heritage. And of course to bring out a line of wines within this category.

Stay tuned to our website because you will find more in the coming months!