Our wines Las Rocas and Evodia are one of the best-selling Garnacha wines in the USA, and they are in the Top 10 of the best-selling Spanish wines in this country.

In the recent years, we have reached great achievements that position our wines at the top of the international scene.

A clear example is the USA where our wines Las Rocas and Evodia are in the TOP 10 of the best-selling Spanish red wines.

Our wines’ distribution in the USA is extended to the whole country enabling consumers to find them in the most important retailers and supermarkets present in most of the states.

From the very first year of their introduction, these wines became one of the most important references of Garnachas from all over the world becoming the TOP 1 Spanish Garnacha wine.

Our relationship with this market has always been very special and our wines are very well received by consumers, restaurateurs, journalists and the most important gatekeepers every year.

We have appeared in many means of communication: tv, mass press, radio, especialized press, etc. and our wines have been present in many important events. You can even find them at the Walt Disney Park.

Las Rocas and Evodia are a clear example and a reference of Garnacha wines in the USA.

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