Baltasar Gracián Blanco Hielo


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Vintage: 2022
Variety: Viura
Appellation: Calatayud


Baltasar Gracián is the main range of the winery. High altitude vineyards, different orientations and exceptional slate and gravel soils, which, together with the antiquity of its traditional, bush vines, produce grapes harvests of exceptional quality.

Vineyard characteristics

From the highest vineyards in the area at almost 1.000 meters of altitude.


Late harvest wine macerated in the press. Pressing of over-ripe and dried grapes of high-concentrated aromas. Slow fermentation at a low temperature.

Tasting notes

Golden yellow colour with greenish hues.

Intense aromas of apricot, peach and exotic fruits.

Concentrated wine of refreshing sweet feeling and delicate acidity; smooth and pleasant to drink.


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